The best pizza in statesboro


Just Picci. It’s more than a tagline. It’s the perfect way to describe the Nonna Picci experience. At Nonna Picci, food is more than just something to fill your belly. It’s fuel. It’s what sustains us. It’s how we show love. This is why we put so much effort into providing fresh, delicious meals for every one – just like Nonna. At Nonna Picci, we’re not your typical pizza place – we’re so much more.

Every item on our menu is made fresh from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients. Our southern wood-fired pizza is the main draw. The light crust, freshly grated cheese and high quality toppings, baked to perfection in our authentic wood-fired oven, is sure to please most any palate.

HAPPY HOUR: Wednesday – Sunday 3-6PM